Monday, February 21, 2011

My weekend in LA

This past weekend, we went to visit my family in LA. Now all of you who know me know I'm not from Los Angeles but rather lower Arkansas, more specifically Sheridan. When I was a kid, while traveling my Dad would always tell people we were from LA when they asked. We do not sound like we are from LA much less look like it!! After watching people's reaction he would tell them we were from lower Arkansas which usually got a pretty good laugh. Now when I go home I write I am going to LA for the weekend on Facebook. Finally one of my good friends, Chai, said "is LA lower Arkansas?". I just laughed!!!!

We had a great weekend. I found out I am going to have a niece in July! We are all so excited. So far we only have boys. We won't know what to do with a little girl.

Also this weekend it was 75 degrees in Sheridan. Saturday morning all three little boys shed their shirts. We even had to break out the sunscreen!!! Only in LA could kids go shirtless in February. They even wanted to play in the water!!!

Also I was told at church on Sunday that I have a northern accent. My Dad introduced me to a lady seated behind us at church. She asked where we lived. I said Pea Ridge in NWA. She said wow you wouldn't think living that far north would give you an accent but I can hear yours. Really!?!?!?

Last summer, I went to visit some old friends, the Ashely's, with my sister and brother-in-law. We were all talking and playing with the kids. After a while, Melissa said "Do y'all notice something different about Amanda." Adam said " yeah she sounds like a Yankee"!!!!

I guess living in NWA makes me a Yankee in LA! I am sure my genuine Yankee friends would disagree.

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  1. Okay - that is too funny that you sound like a yankee - only to people from LA would that ever ever be true :)