Monday, February 21, 2011

My weekend in LA

This past weekend, we went to visit my family in LA. Now all of you who know me know I'm not from Los Angeles but rather lower Arkansas, more specifically Sheridan. When I was a kid, while traveling my Dad would always tell people we were from LA when they asked. We do not sound like we are from LA much less look like it!! After watching people's reaction he would tell them we were from lower Arkansas which usually got a pretty good laugh. Now when I go home I write I am going to LA for the weekend on Facebook. Finally one of my good friends, Chai, said "is LA lower Arkansas?". I just laughed!!!!

We had a great weekend. I found out I am going to have a niece in July! We are all so excited. So far we only have boys. We won't know what to do with a little girl.

Also this weekend it was 75 degrees in Sheridan. Saturday morning all three little boys shed their shirts. We even had to break out the sunscreen!!! Only in LA could kids go shirtless in February. They even wanted to play in the water!!!

Also I was told at church on Sunday that I have a northern accent. My Dad introduced me to a lady seated behind us at church. She asked where we lived. I said Pea Ridge in NWA. She said wow you wouldn't think living that far north would give you an accent but I can hear yours. Really!?!?!?

Last summer, I went to visit some old friends, the Ashely's, with my sister and brother-in-law. We were all talking and playing with the kids. After a while, Melissa said "Do y'all notice something different about Amanda." Adam said " yeah she sounds like a Yankee"!!!!

I guess living in NWA makes me a Yankee in LA! I am sure my genuine Yankee friends would disagree.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Nemesis... The Migraine

I am plagued by migraine headaches. Today was my first day back to work after Snowmageddon 2011. My day started like all the rest at the gym. I had a great chest, back and abs workout with the guys. Then I got the boys ready and off to school. Then I headed to work. My day was booked solid with experiments, paperwork, Valentine's Day lunch with Ross and meetings. Before I got to the first experiment, I knew I was getting a migraine. By the time I made it to lunch I was feeling sick. But what are you supposed to do? I can't drop everything every time I have a headache (which sometimes can be once or twice a week)! After lunch I knew I had to take evasive action... 2 Excedrin Migraine and a large Sonic coke! Sometimes this combination will halt the oncoming headache; mainly because the caffeine content acts as a vasodilator. All those calories for NOTHING!!!! However, I did get an awesome neck and shoulder rub out of it!!

I finished the day with a meeting with the Hunger Relief and Nutrition committee of the Junior League of NWA (a subject for another day). I still have a migraine but over all today has been a great day.

I was reminded today while longing for a quite dark room, of by far one of the best teachers I have ever had Mrs. DeMaine. Mrs. DeMaine was one of my 9th grade teachers. She was a wonderful teacher!! I started having migraines in the 9th grade. Once the migraine developed I could not function for the rest of the day. The only way I could recover was to sit in a quite dark room, have a coke and wait for it to pass. Mrs. DeMaine would buy me a coke, write me an excuse for class and allow me to stay in her room during her open period of the day. She was a lifesaver!! My Mom, still to this day, says she doesn't know how we would have made it through the 9th grade without Mrs. DeMaine!! So thank you Mrs. DeMaine! I needed you today!

I hope everyone had a wonderful V Day!! Even with a terrible migraine mine was amazing!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Soy Milk...

Last week during one of our many snow days Mason decided he was allergic to milk and needed to drink soy milk.

One morning during breakfast he said his milk tasted bad. He said it must be rotten. Ross and I both tasted the milk and it was fine. All day he refused to drink milk, which is strange for Mason. He loves milk. We drink 4-5 gallons a week. The next morning Mason had cereal for breakfast and again said the milk tasted bad. That day during nap time, Mason yelled from his room that he was allergic to milk and needed to drink soy milk like Cole Vincent. Cole is Drake's best friend. Cole drinks soy milk and Mason loves Cole. When Mason is asked how many brothers he has he says 2, Drake and Cole!

So Mason has not had any milk in three or four days. This morning he and Drake wanted oatmeal for breakfast. They both like it made with milk but Mason asked for his with water. Before I thought about what I was doing I made both with milk. Mason saw me pour milk into both bowls and started to have a fit. I quickly said your's has soy milk. He bought it and ate the oatmeal with out any problems. Then he says show me the soy milk!!! I was stuck but lucky for me Ross stepped in and distracted Mason from the soy milk.

I think tomorrow I will do an experiment with soy and cow milk and see if Mason can detect a difference in a blind taste test.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Double Dose

A while back we saw the movie Little Fockers with our great friends, John and BJ. If you have seen the movie you know what "Double Dose" means but if you have not I will explain.

In the movie the father-in-law tells Greg that his son has a "double dose of Focker in him". He said that sometimes the father can contribute both chromosomes to the child, therefore giving him a double dose of the father's DNA.

Immediately after this scene, Ross and I looked at each other and said "Drake".

All of you who know Drake, know he looks and acts exactly like his father.

This morning, Drake let our dog, Capone, out to go to the bathroom. Ross and I were still in bed. After letting the dog out Drake turned on cartoons and sat down on the couch. Mason was also up watching cartoons. We heard Capone start barking to come back in, there is still 6 inches of snow on the ground. Capone barked and barked and barked for like 15 minutes. I knew Drake was sitting 10 feet from the door with the barking dog watching TV. Ross was getting very agitated at this point. He asked why Drake was not letting Capone inside. I said... Double Dose!! Ross hears nothing if he is watching TV. I went out into the living room and said "Drake". He looked up and said "what... Oh yeah". Classic Ross!

A few weeks after seeing the movie, Ross' mom Valorie was at our house. We were talking about how much Drake is like Ross. So I said well he could have a "Double Dose" of Ross. Then I told her I had read somewhere that the father could give both chromosomes to the child. I said it like it was totally true and at the time I thought I had read it. Most things I read are in scientific journals so usually they are true. She believed me and that was all that was said. Later when Ross got home, I told him about his mom and my conversation. I told him I couldn't remember where I read that study. He laughed and said you didn't read any study it was on Little Fockers!!!!!! I had to call Valorie and tell her that was not true!

Double Dose!!!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Remember how I said "Maybe the next snow storm would not be anything to write home about"? Guess what... We are up to a foot of new snow and we have another 5 hours left of heavy snow fall.

WAL-MART and Tyson have closed their corporate offices. It is surely the end of days, if not Armageddon then Snowmageddon.

This morning Ross went out to clean off his truck so he could go to the gym. This is what we saw as the garage door raised...

Ross cleaned off the truck, started it and came inside to drink his Superpump. When he left he had to clean it off again!!

Needless to say, Drake and Mason are excited. We are going sledding later and will build another snowman.

Capone the wiener dog is not excited. We are going to have to clear a path for him to get outside!

There was a heavy band of snow this morning between here and Fayetteville around Lowell. Heather said Mike went into work this morning. When he got to work and opened his door there was snow up to the door. He drives a 4x4 GMC. That's how much snow we are getting!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snowtorious B.I.G.

In the past week about 12 inches of snow have fell at our house. A foot of snow is a tremendous amount of snow for NWA in a week. Ross and I have often talked of where we would and would not consider moving. He loves the north and spent a great deal of his childhood in northern Illinois and Wisconsin. I on the other hand despise the cold and snow. I prefer sunny and 75!! So we have ruled out any part of Minnesota, northern Wisconsin and any other state that boarders Canada. This past summer we visited Colorado. We all loved Colorado and decided that we would like to live there. My cousin Angie assured me that I would not be to cold or despise the snow there.

I said all that to say this... I officially hate snow!! It is only pretty for like a day then it is just dirty and leaves nasty mud behind.

The weatherman says we could get 2-10 inches Tuesday into Wednesday.

Drake is praying for enough to cancel school for the rest if the week. He has gone to school one day in the past week and had a meltdown that morning because he did not want to go. Poor thing!!!

I will leave you with a few photos from the last storm... Hopefully the next storm will not be anything to write home about.


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OK, so clearly I did not do better...

My last post was OVER a year ago... oops! Looks like life in the Wolfenden house got a little busy last year!

I have been reading my friend Morgan's blog (she really keeps up with it) and she has inspired me to start writing again. I don't k
now if anyone will really read (except my Dad) but I will still write.

I won't try to recap the last year but I will post some photo's and start with what is going on now with our family!

(I'm not sure why the previous text is underlined but I cannot fix it!!)

Smith, Drake, Bickford, White and Wolfenden Ride 2010!

Ross and I turned 30 this year!!

My boys in Colorado last summer. So excited to see snow in July... we hate snow now!!

Ross and I went to Vancouver last April... Ross was in heaven with all the smoked fish.

Drake graduated from Kindergarten May 2010.

Mason's 4th birthday at the Jump Zone...

I am going to do better!!! I promise!